Private Home Tutor Jobs in Lagos in 2020 | Apply Now For 20 Vacancies

Private Home Tutor Jobs in Lagos

Private Home Tutor Jobs in Lagos in 2020 | Apply Now For 20 Vacancies

Finally, you can now apply for Private Home Tutor Jobs in Lagos State in 2020 right here. However, you have to ensure you read all the information all this guide very well.

In the first place, Do you have any teaching experience? Are you experience teacher? Furthermore, do you want to give teaching job a try? However, not minding what your answer is.

The real gist is that in this guides, you’ll see the easiest way to apply for the latest tutoring jobs. If you want to know how to get Private Home Tutor Jobs in Lagos State read this guide till the end.

At the moment, more than 30 Private tutoring’s are waiting for you and many other jobs at Lagos State Nigeria. However, before you can proceed with the registration, let’s show you the general requirements.

Private Tutoring Jobs in Lagos State Requirement 2020

If you want to apply for private home teacher vacancies, you must meet-up with the qualifications below.

  • Firstly, as a private tutor in Lagos state, Coal City, you must have at least an O level certificate with good grades.
  • However, before you rush submitting your application form for all home tutor jobs in Lagos state, you must have an area of concentration.
  • You should be ready to teach a nursery and primary school student.
  • However, As a private home teacher in Lagos State, you can also be able to teach secondary school student.
  • Finally, bear in mind that post-tertiary students likewise need a private home tutor.

In brief, before we continue, let’s show you the lists of lists of subjects that are always wanted for private home Teaching jobs in Lagos:

  • English language
  • Mathematics
  • Basic science
  • Social studies
  • Basic Technology
  • French language
  • Physical & Health Education
  • Business studies
  • Literature in English
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Government
  • Computer Studies
  • Agricultural science
  • Economics
  • History
  • Music
  • Geography
  • Further mathematics
  • Christian Religious Studies/Islamic Religious Studies.

How to Apply for Latest Vacancies as a Private Home Teacher in Lagos City

In short, the best and the faster way to get tutoring jobs in Lagos State is to register with any of the private house teaching groups in Lagos State.

Another easy way of getting Private home teaching jobs is by enrolling with schools.

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It will be okay for you to know that most of the private tutorial Jobs in Lagos are part-time. However, if you want a full-time job as a private home tutor in Lagos State, signify when submitting your application.

In the meantime, The online recruitment portal for private home tutor jobs in Lagos State is currently offline. Therefore you’re advised to submit your cv at for employment the right office.

Do you want to know when next Private Home Teacher Jobs in Lagos State 2020 will be available? Are you anxious to secure your dream job with Private home teacher? However, If your answer is yes! All you need to do is to comment “I’m interested” below with phone number and email address.

In conclusion!

Bear in mind that not all private home teaching service is carried on during the evenings and holidays. However, you’ll need to note that many parents/guidance usually hire weekend teachers.


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