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This article will provide in details step by step guide on how to login to your Npower account at However, if you’re among Npower beneficiaries trying to access your account this guide is for you.

A lot of Npower beneficiaries have been complaining bitterly about their inability to login to their Npower account. However, are you among the people complaining? This article will serve as a breakthrough on how to complete the Npower login.

Logging in to Npower Npvn dashboard is pretty simple and straightforward. Moreover, if you are still finding it hard and difficult kindly pay attention to this guide. Because this guide is all about To begin with, You would now be able to sign in to your Npower account through

This is were all Npower beneficiaries login to check your their Npower profile, all you need is to visit the page. However, if you want to fill the Npower transition form on your Npower Dashboard, you’ll also visit the Npower Nvpn login page. The most important thing is for you to remember your email address or phone number.

How To Login To

Before we proceed in detail on how to complete Npower login let’s take a good look at the things needed to complete the login.

However, much is not required for you to successfully access your Npower account dashboard.

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Firstly you need a working internet connection.

Secondly, your phone number and email address are also important.

Now follow the guide below to login to your Npower account.

  • Go to, however, like we mention earlier you need an active internet connection on your phone and Pc to visit the website.
  • Wait for the page to load some second then enter your “phone number or email address” in the empty filed.

  • Afterward, Tap the “submit” button.

In conclusion, once your phone number or email address is correct with the one you used during registration you will be redirected to your Npower account dashboard.

Finally, if you’re still having any issue or finding it difficult to complete your Npower profile login kindly comment below via our comment box.

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